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Everything To Know About Corner Bolts on Gun Safes (and who has them)

While debated within the industry, the idea behind corner bolts is to secure the four corners of the safe door. Historically, this is the weakest point on any gun safe door, as this is easy for a pry bar to be placed.

The issue with the corners of a standard door is that if a pry bar can be inserted into the corner, it is much easier to bend the steel at that point rather than in the middle of the door.

The Solution To The Problem

(Image courtesy of Browning)

With gun safe corner bolts, even if a pry bar is inserted, it is presented with a new level of security and keeps the corner’s steel from flexing.

This means the pry bar can’t reach the easiest part of the safe. Meaning they have to move on to the next thing. As always said, you are buying time, not something impenetrable.

What brands offer corner bolts?

Generally speaking, corner bolts are a premium feature, which means only a few manufacturers offer them. That said, the top two are Fort Knox and Browning!

1. Browning

This is by far the most popular brand that offers corner bolts, and quite a few of their safes provide this as a standard feature. The Medallion series (33, 49, 49T, 65, and 65T) offers corner bolts. Meanwhile, if you upgrade to the Platinum Series of safes (the 49, 49T, and 65T) all offer this feature.

2. Fort Knox

(Image courtesy of Fort Knox)

If Browning isn’t your cup of tea, you can drive down the street (yes, the factories are down the road from each other) and buy yourself a Fort Knox. This brand refers to its corner bolts as a Star Corner Bolt but is essentially the same idea as Browning. As Fort Knox is an incredibly customizable company, you can opt for these corner bolts on any safes on their Defender series or above.

Does Liberty offer corner bolts?

(Image courtesy of Liberty Safes)

Liberty Safes recently switched all their safes to their revolutionary Military Style Locking Bars. While this was a great move, the downside is the loss of corner bolts as a feature on their gun safes. That said, they used to have corner bolts but no longer do anymore.


While corner bolts aren’t standard in gun safes, you keep an eye out for them. They offer excellent protection against pry attacks and could mean the difference between someone accessing your safe or not.

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